Player houses

Enter the information for your home and click submit to send us the information. We’ll come talk to you in the game about the required tokens.

Think carefully about what you want your room description(s) to be. While you might request a tiny adjustment here or there we wont update a whole room. Updating a whole room, item or mob will cost another token.

Basic guidelines

  • All descriptions must fit in the Wheel of Time theme
  • Items are generally room items, like benches, beds and such. Teacups that go in a cabinet are possible too, there wont be affect’s on these items.
  • Mobiles (pets, cleaning ladies, etc) are a fun addition, and nothing more.. They are not for leveling.

Enter the character name for whom the house is. Alts are just for us to get in touch with you.

In which city and where in the city should the house be linked? Please be aware that if it poses a problem for us to place the house here it might get linked somewhere else.

Please enter the name of one of the active immortals


Total cost
0 Room tokens
0 Item tokens
0 Mob tokens

Please make sure to only submit rooms you are really sure about submitting.