Our features

This is a list of only some of the things we have to offer. Of course, we’ve been around for a long time so not everything feature is listed here. Besides, we thought it’d be best to let you come and figure out the other features for yourself!

Channeling for both genders
Spheres, angreals, burning out, it’s all possible.

Blademaster forms
Become a blademaster, available for both the channelers and non-channelers.

Guilds, factions and subguilds
Ran by players, no immortal interference, custom ranks per guilds, multi-guilds

Huge world
We’ve got a huge world, to our knowledge every larger city is in the game and most all of the smaller towns mentioned in the books are in the game as well. 

Tiered skills
We’ve got well over a hundred skills in the game, dependent on each other, some for crafting, some for fighting.

All the races that are in the books, regular wetlanders, Aiel, Seafolk.. you name it, we got it. Some with racial related features, too.

Faires, wars, tourneys, we try and provide fun ways to add to the regular day to day happenings in the game.

Extensive roleplaying features
Stimulating roleplaying is one of the top items on our list so we provide a wide range of features that make roleplaying easier.

Leveling and remorting
For those among us that like to go by the numbers we’ve got an extensive leveling system, entirely uncapped as well as an uncapped remorting system. The more you get, the stronger you become.

Chances are you’ll find yourself sporting a set of yellow eyes, strangely lucky or wandering around the world in your dreams, to just name a few.

Player houses
Always wanted your own place in the game? Just to show it off.. or as a place to roleplay, you can. Collect the required items and we’ll make it happen.

Mortal staff
A few positions are filled by immortals, they oversee the day to day happenings and code new features the rest of the game staff consists entirely out of mortal players, players just like you.

Custom objects
Forging, sewing, restringing.. you can make your own items with your own descriptions without any staff assistance.

A range of quests are available for players from almost every level with amazing rewards like special skills and stat increases.