Blademaster forms

In Prophecies of the Pattern we have attempted to find a balance between the known blademaster forms from the Wheel of Time series and fun, usable, gameplay in our MUD.

The books describe a number of the forms used by blademasters, some more extensively as others.  We’ve looked at the available forms and, to some extend, took a creative liberty with the ones lesser described.

These are the available form groups in our game:

Heron • Wind • Water • Sky • Stone • Storm • Lizard • Boar • Bird • Cat • Elemental • Will • Fire • Ice • Spirit • Circle • Crown

Each of these groups has five actual forms that can be used, for example, the Heron group has:

  • Heron on the Wing
  • Heron Wading in the Rushes
  • Heron Spreads its Wings
  • Heron Rides the Air
  • Sheathing The Sword

We welcome you to come and try out the forms in our game, we’ve attempted to find a good balance between what the books have provided us with and keeping things fun to play with.

Cone on in, give us, and the forms, a try!