In the Wheel of Time books it’s not uncommon for someone to have a special talent. We’ve attempted to incorporate these into the game in such a way that they actually provide a useful contribution for the players.

The Prophecies of the Pattern MUD provides the following talents for its players:

Extraordinary lucky (or unlucky!) would be the easiest way to describe this talent, there’s no real way of knowing you are Ta’veren besides finding a Seer to help you, they will be able to help you determine if your one of the very few the pattern bends itself around.

Yellow eyes and a wolf-like nature are by far the most descriptive ways for the people that have this talent. A special bite attack and no trouble seeing even in the darkest regions of the world because of the unnerving yellow eyes make this a pleasant talent for a player to have.

Dreamwalking is the talent to be able to walk in the mirror world called Tel’aran’rhiod, this lets people look at, and influence the dreams of players. For those venturing into the game and ending up lucky enough to get it this talent provides something extra on top of all this.

Seers are people who can see traits of the people around them, these are not the people you can hide information from. One look provides them with everything there is to know about a person, from their affiliations, special traits to any talents they might have.


While not everyone is that lucky, a fair few people have ended up with one of the talents. Maybe you will too, give it a try!