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Aes sedai

A Novice is a young woman who has just recently joined with the White Tower to
train in her channeling. She should not be found outside the Tower grounds.

An Accepted is a woman who has passed several tests and rigors of being a Novice,
and is well on her way to becoming a full Aes Sedai. She studies more or less on her own,
but still should not be found outside of Tar Valon.

An Aes Sedai is a woman who has been trained in her ability to channel by the
White Tower. She has chosen an Ajah to reflect her mastery in an sphere of the
One Power.

A Sitter is an Aes Sedai with several remorts and who has taken an Ajah specific quest
to gain a seat in the Hall of the White Tower. Her authority is to be respected, and she
has quite a bit of pull in the White Tower’s workings.