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Altarans are very polite, but are quick to anger, and both men and women
of any class will duel over the slightest insult. By law, any woman who
kills a man is justified unless proven otherwise. Altarans are of average
height, with an olive skin tone. Most have dark hair and dark eyes. Women
wear their hair to their shoulders, or even shorter. Men wear square-cut
beards and long mustaches. They wear long, colourful vests, with no shirt,
or a pale, wide-sleeved shirt. Noblemen wear small silk coats as capes
slung across their shoulders. Otherwise, men and women wear similar styles
whether they are noble or commoner, the clothing of nobles being made from
finer cloth and more elaborately embroidered. Both men and women carry curved
daggers in their belts or sashes and wear many rings. Most women wear large
hoop earrings, and some men do, as well.