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Angreal study

Angreal study is a quest skill. Having this skill boosts a channeler’s use
of an angreal (stronger weave effects, based on the level of proficiency in
angrealstudy and other stats and skills). A side benefit of the skill is the
channeler’s ability to determine whether any given angreal is attuned to male
or female use, and how strong the angreal is.

Channelers without angrealstudy can still test the fold and gender of any
angreal by wearing it. If the gender is wrong for the player, s/he will
show no benefit in ‘score’. If the gender is right, the change in One Power
strength will show.

Angrealstudy can increase the strength of weaves by roughly 0.1% per percent
point of the skill learned. This is not a given, though, as the channeler’s
skill in the weave, intelligence, and other attributes affect the benefit as