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Auction list

Characters may auction items which have a value of 1 copper penny or greater,
which other characters may then bid upon. A minimum bid may be set by the
auctioneer, if so desired, in order to ensure he or she makes a profit off
the item. An Immortal may abort any auction which is deemed inappropriate.
All auction bids are in COPPER coins, though if you don’t have the amount in copper,
auction will try to use other coins. If you are overbid (someone else bids more
than you do) your bid will be deposited in the bank (in copper).

When using minimum bids higher than 5000 copper, you will be charged a 1% opening
fee, this is to prevent abuse of high opening bids, and if your items get sold
you this fee will be deduced from the normal 10% auction fee.

toggle auction toggle auction channel on/off
auction list view the auction queue
auction info view info about the current info (just ‘auc’ will do the same)
auction bid bid COPPER for the current item (taken from money
you are carrying on person)
auction bankbid bid COPPER for the current item (taken from bank)
auction auction an item
auction auction an item with a minimum bid of