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Syntax: weave bond
Example: weave bond rand

Bonding allows two or more people to share an empathic link. It is not known
what, if any, benefits Bonding grants the Bonder (channeler), but the Bonded
is said to gain resistance to thirst and hunger, enhanced healing rate, and an
ability to travel great distances without rest. Bondings are common between
Aes Sedai and Warders, slightly less so between Asha’man and their wives.

PotP’s rules for bonding are:

* A reborn Aes Sedai may bond a man who has sworn fealty to the White Tower,
undergone training as a Tower Guard, and proven himself loyal and prepared
to face whatever dangers will certainly come of the union.

* An Asha’man may bond only after he is married, only to his wife, and only
when the M’Hael has approved of the union.

* Black Ajah may only bond Dark Warders, and must follow a set of guidelines
that Bellas has set forth.

To keep in line with the books, no same-sex bondings are allowed, nor any
bondings outside of the above guilds. Infringements will be dealt with by
removal of the bond in the first violation. Repeated violations may be
punished by removal of skills, levels, remorts, and–as a last resort–
deletion of the offending player. If you want to be bonded, create a char
to join one of the above guilds.

Prospective bondmates will bond under the eye of the Amyrlin, M’Hael or Bellas.
The skill will be taught at that time, the bonding performed, then the skill
removed. The skill itself costs 9 trains, plus 5-10 more to practice it enough
to use effectively. If you consider this a waste of trains, do not ask to bond.