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Builders are responsible for the creation of areas and zones within the MUD. Builders utilitize the OLC tool for creating new rooms, objects and mobiles. OLC for this mud is specially customized to provide the Builder with a means to create and add new things to the game with ease. If you are interested in building for the mud, you must complete the following things at the mud’s message boards found at: 1.Create a room description that would suit the scenery of WOT and stay true to that in the WoT books. Try to think of something that hasn’t already been done. 2.Ask your Guild Leader for a recommendation, or a Mortal Leader, if your GL is not available. Get them to send a short note to Nuri about this. 3.Post your description on the forums. Please state any previous experience you may have with building. Do not worry if you haven’t any, it is easy to learn. If you like, include why you wish to build for the mud. Other things: Please only apply if you are serious about building. Do not apply if you have only been here a few days. Learn the mud first, stay for a few months and then you may apply. Also be warned, building is a privilege. Do not assume it makes you better than another or that it gives you rights. You build because you wish to help and make this mud a better one. Any questions, ask Nuri