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The butcher and skin skills can be used after you have defeated a foe. You can
butcher the corpse to obtain food, or skin it to obtain a hide. Note that
neither of these skills alone is particularly useful (except for roleplay), as
PotP does not require players to eat to remain healthy, and there is no useful
purpose to hides (you can pawn them for a minimal amount of copper, but that’s
it). But butcher and skin are prerequisites for the more useful ‘treat’ and
‘sharpen’ skills, so perhaps worth getting anyway…if only for the follow-on

Note also that you can, if you’re trying to improve your skin or butcher skills
through use, toggle ‘autoskin’ or ‘abutcher’ on. Doing so will cause you to
automatically attempt to skin or butcher the corpse of your foe after the fight

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