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The Cairhienin are a short people, with pale skin that contrasts with
their dark hair and eyes. Upper classes wear dark clothing marked with
horizontal coloured stripes on the chest to denote rank Noblemen wear
coats and trousers. Flat or bell-shaped velvet caps are favored. Shoulder
length hair is common. Noblewomen wear their hair piled high into coiffures.
Dresses with wide skirts supported by hoops are common. Noblewomen often wear
a delicate chain that dangles a small gem in the middle of their foreheads.
Both sexes wear dark ivory lace at their cuffs and necks. Lower classes dress
as flamboyantly as the Tinkers, clothing themselves in bright and often
contrasting colours. Respectable members of the middle class usually emulate
the dress of the nobles, but clothing is more cheaply cut and of inferior