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Tourney: Tournies are matches of players versus players in a chaotic each man
for himself type setting. Tourneys occur on regular intervals on a
timer. Check event or type tourney to see when the next one is going to
For each ‘kill’ in a tourney, 25 QPs are rewarded. Winning the tourney
an additional 100 QP reward. Dying in a tourney causes no real harm.

War is Currently Disabled!
War: Wars, otherwise known as campaigns are currently being re-worked. They
will be army versus army combat where each side spends coins to recruit
NPC type soldiers including infantry, archers, and calvary. Players will
also be able to outfit their armies. Winning a war will reward the victor
with one-half the cost of the opponant’s army, plus a number of items that
were used by the opposing army based on how much was destroyed in combat.
The commanders of the armies do not fight, rather they control the actions
of their soldiers from beyond the field of battle.
Proposed Syntax:
War Begin (Immortal Only at first)
War Purchase (number of) (soldier type) (equipment type)
Soldiers will automatically come with a standard weapon for their duty.
War Deploy (force) at (opponant force)
War Retreat (force)
War Withdraw