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Duels are welcome to be fought in the Arena. From recall, you would go up,
and North through the student area until you see an Up exit. Head north until
you pas through the Field of Honor to the opposite side. That would be the
arena. If you wish to just witness a battle, make sure that the dueling players
aren’t going to use area effect weaves. If they are, YOU WILL BE ATTACKED. This
will usually have you drawn into the fight and will nullify the duel.

A command called CHALLENGE is also helpful for these duels– you may CHALLENGE
another character to a duel, and if they accept, you will be automatically
transported to the Arena room for duelling.

Please establish your rules BEFORE you duel. Complaining that somebody did
something during a duel when there was no set guidelines is just poor sport.

Tourneys are held in the area, also known as the Room of Death.