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There are three distinct kinds of communication channels on PotP, not counting
players being in the same room and talking there. The first, and most widely
used, channel is OOC. See ‘help OOC’ for more on that channel, which is
moderated closely for clean language and polite conversation. The second type
of channels are chat channels, which any player can create or join. These are
considered private channels and are not moderated. If you do not appreciate
the language or tone of a chat channel, you can (and should) simply leave it.
The third type of channels are tells between two players. These are self-
moderated. If another player is harassing you or subjecting you to language
you do not appreciate through tells, log the conversation and contact the
immortals (usually a note on board 10 will do the trick).

These are the commands for the chat channels:

CHAT list – lists all active channels.
CHAT info – shows information about channel .
CHAT create – create a chat channel called .
CHAT join – join channel .
CHAT leave – leaves channel .
CHAT – sends to channel.
Channel Moderator Commands:
CHAT invite – invites to the channel.
CHAT kick – removes from the channel.
CHAT ban – will not allow to join the channel.
CHAT unban – allows to re-enter the channel.
CHAT set – sets various flags on channel .
arg being one of:
topic – sets description of channel.
private – sets room as private, only invited players may join.
Private channels do not show on list. (toggle)
moderate – give moderator status on channel. (toggle)
color – Change the color of the text in room.