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Chop is a card game for 2 to 6 players. It is similar to poker. The books didn’t
give a complete description of every aspect of the game so this is our interpretation
of it. It was designed to be based more on skill than luck. How you do over the long
haul will depend on your ability to play the hands you are dealt.

*Administrative Stuff*

WARNING: Do not gamble any gold you are not prepared to lose.

If the mud crashes in the midst of a hand, all the gold in the pot will be gone forever.
If you disconnect, quit, go into notevoid, leave the room or go linkdead, you will be
removed from the hand no matter whose turn it is. The bottom line is not to join a hand
if you have a bad connection, plan on questing, joining tourneys, writing notes, or
anything that will affect your character staying connected and in the room. If you’re
following someone and they leave, you’ll leave with them and forfeit your hand unless
you’re sitting down. Also, be careful participating in auctions while you are in the
middle of a hand. If your gold on hand drops too low you may not be able to cover the
next bet.

Currently, the only place to gamble is with Dawk in the Foxhead in the Band of the Red
Hand’s camp. In the future, we anticipate there being more gambling locations.

*The Deck*

The deck contains 50 cards. There are 5 suits and 10 ranks. The ranks are numbered
1 (lowest) through 9 and the highest rank being that of the Ruler, denoted by the
letter R. The suits are Flames (lowest value), Winds, Rods, Coins, and Cups (highest
value). As such, each card has a specific value from 1 to 50 with the 1 of Flames
being lowest and the Ruler of Cups being highest.

A card looks roughly like this: [R Cu] this card being the Ruler of Cups


In the first phase of the game, players buy their first two cards then take turns
either buying up to three additional cards or folding. After all remaining players
have five cards, the betting phase begins. Players take turns betting, raising,
calling or folding. After all remaining players have bet the same amount the winner
of the hand is determined.


The highest hands in chop are ranked as follows from highest to lowest:

Five of a Kind
Four of a Kind
Full House (Triplet and a Pair)
Triplet (Three of a Kind)
Two Pair
A Pair
High Card

Note: There are no straights or flushes.

In the event of a tie, the hand of the highest rank wins, that is four nines beats
four eights. In the event that both hands winning group(s) are of equal rank, the
hand containing the highest suit in the winning group is the winner. For example, if
two players both have a pair of rulers and a pair of sevens, the hand with the ruler
of the highest suit wins. In the event that all but one player folds, the remaining
player wins and his or her hand is not displayed to the room.

Note: High card only determines the winner if there are no pairs.


gamble chop begin When beginning a hand, specify how much each player should have to pay for each card
as well as the limit the betting can go up to in the betting phase. Keep in mind
that in order to join in, each player will need to have 5 times the card cost plus
the betting limit on hand in order to be covered.

gamble chop info
This will display some information about the current game. Anyone in the room can
follow the chop hand by using this command. The current player has an asterisk in
front of his/her name and any players that have folded are shown in dark grey.

gamble chop join
Once a hand has begun, players need to join in. If they can’t cover the hand by
the gold in their pockets, the gambler will refuse their attempt to join. For example,
a game with a card cost of 5 and betting round limit of 25 will mean that each player
will need 50 gold on hand in order to join in. (5*5=25 25+25=50)

gamble chop buy
Buy an additional card.

gamble chop fold
Give up for the hand. Keep in mind that if you want to know if that jerk who keeps
raising is bluffing or not, you’ll have to pony up to see those cards.

gamble chop look
Look at your cards.

gamble chop pass
After all five cards have been dealt, if there is no bet yet and you don’t want to
make one, you can pass.

gamble chop open
If you have all five cards and no bet has been placed yet, you can begin the betting.
The only limit on the open amount is the one that was specified when the hand began.
One the betting has begun, the remaining players will have to at least match your bet
or fold.

gamble chop raise
Raising the bet means matching whatever the existing bet is and then increasing it some
more. The amount that you specify is that additional amount. For example if the bet
is 5 gold and you raise 5, you have wagered 10 gold total.

gamble chop call
Calling is simply paying whatever balance you owe to be current with what the bet is.

Flipping a coin:
gamble coin

When at a gambler mob you can bet up to 50 gold on the flip of a coin. Since the
marks used to bet on a coin flip are a bit on the thick side, there is a real chance
that it can land on edge instead of just heads or tails. If you call it correctly
on either heads or tails, you win the amount that you wagered. If you call edge and
are correct, you win 5 times the amount wagered.