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Following are the basic game policies for The Prophecies of the Pattern.
They are strictly enforced by the Staff in order to promote quality game
play and provide the utmost enjoyment to each individual that logs into the game.

(1) This game is based on the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. It is a
reflection of one interpretation or ‘tale’ of the story. Each person who plays
this game is expected to play their character in a manner which reflects the
game’s theme. As such all NAMES should be WoT sounding. If an Immortal or any
member of the Staff asks that a name be changed, it should be changed.

(1a) All Names, Titles, and Items created by Players via Forging, Shaping,
Strings (Restringing) etc., Walkin, Walkout, Rdesc, and other messages,
communications over Public Channels (except over OSAY or OOC), and Guild
matters are entirely InChar (See Help RolePlay). Vulgar and obscene behavior
is dealt with swiftly on the mud. The Mentors are here to help you with questions
that you may have about the game in general, and we are always open to notes,
emails, and ideas.

(2) While Immortals tend to not directly interfere with the actions of mortals,
it is assumed that when an Immortal instructs a mortal player that what they are
doing violates the game rules, the mortal player will cease the activity that
preempted the conference with an Immortal. Failure to comply will incur corrective

(2a) Immortals are not players. They will not help you level, or gain items.
If you are disarmed, stolen from, or somehow lose your items, the Immortals
will not help you find them. Items can be flagged ‘keep’ or ‘unkeep’ to prevent
accidental selling or dropping. Make sure you use the bank to store unneeded
money so you do not lose it in your corpse if you die.

(3) The sole goal of the game is to provide an enjoyable place to play. Everyone
should do their absolute best to provide a place where everyone can relax, unwind,
and escape from the evils of the Real World. This mud is considered a family game
as such any discussions on public channels (ooc, osay etc.) are considered to be
moderated and will be enforced as need by the immortals and moderators.
‘Keep indiscretions discreet in private, and in unpopular areas’

(3a) Please use the appropriate channels when communicating. Abuse of a channel not
in a manner which it is meant for can result in corrective action. The only time the
character is not speaking as a WoT character is when using the OOC, chat or osay
channels. Channels used by guilds are moderated and considered OOC/IC at the
discretion of the Guild Leader.

(3b) The following items would constitute moderation : Topics of conversation
sex, lewd language, Including but not limited to discussion of the usage of drugs or
other illegal or questionable paraphenlia. Any form of harassment, be it sexual in
nature, insulting or flaming, bullying, lewdness, religious or nationality bashing, or
any other form of harassment will be swiftly and strictly dealt with.

(3c) The discussion of book talk or spoilers, is allowed on all public channels up
to the current status of the game which is mid book 7. Topics of discussion above
the current focus of the game should be taken into private chat or rooms as to not
spoil the plot line for others.

(3d) The Immortals and Moderators reserve the right to curb topics of discussion that
could disrupt the mud comminuty. Questionable langauge will be determined based on
context and interpreted by the immortal/moderator on duty at the time od incident.

(3e) General disrespect of the Staff, or failure to adhere to the rules of the game
result in the offending character’s removal from the game. If you feel you are being
harassed or that another character is violating the game policies, use the Report
to let the Moderators know. In the event of Moderator absence contact an Immortal.
are kept in the strictest of confidentiality.

(4) The password to your character is very sensitive data. Be sure to choose a secure
password that no one else can guess. All passwords are encrypted, even the immortals
are unable to tell you what your password is. Lost passwords to characters can be
reset ONLY by a select few immortals and at their discretion. Be sure your e-mail
address is documented in your character file via the “email” command. You are
for anything your character does or says regardless if you are online or if someone
accessed that character illegally.

(4a) Character Sharing and/or Character Trading is not allowed. Any person found doing
actions will find the character in question ‘denied’ and/ or could result in character

(4b) Players are allowed to multiplay so long as they do not have more than two
logged in at one time. Having more than two characters will result in characters being
disconnected. Reconnecting any character that is disconnected can result in the
being denied access. You must be able to actively play both characters so that one
does not
remain idle for an extended period of time.

(5) Botting is treated harshly, as each person should be able to roleplay in an
Any character found Botting and is not in attendance of their character will be
and possible corrective actions might in order. The use of bots to prevent excessive
is not allowed. Any characters idling above 30 minutes will be disconnected to
bandwidth and server performance.

(5a) The abuse of known or unknown bugs willingly and without notifying the staff will
not be tolerated.

* The Staff works on a Three Strikes and you’re out rule. Warnings (leading to
Freeze, Deny. After a character has been denied the Immortal staff will discuss if a
Site Ban is in order. Excessive abuse could warrant acceleration of this process per
the ruling of the Immortal Council.

* Use the SYSTEM command to see what Staff members are currently online. Speak to
for general questions, Moderators for questions that concern game policy, Guild
and Recruiters for matters concerning a guild, and Immortals as a last resort.

* By being verified and playing you acknowledge and accept these rules and policies
willingly and are expected to carry on in a manner reflecting such actions.

* Type Help Policy within the game to see this list again.

The Staff.

Do you accept the rules as stated above? (Y/N)