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Copy over

Copyover is the way Mud Implementors put updates into the game. There is
no building done on the play port, to minimise down time for the players.
All copyovers are announced using Gecho and it is recommended that
you pick up all tents and items and to be with any pets you’ve incured.
Do not attempt to start a fight after a copyover has been announced–
you’ll find your opponent completely refreshed and your own stats the way
they were at the time of the copyover. If you are unable to find an
item, or have just recently died and need time to get your corpse from
the cemetary just ask the Implementor to wait over Global. A simple
“Wait, I need to !” will work.

Sometimes it is necessary for the Implementers to shutdown the game to
add more drastic code or area files into the game. This is usually a
small amount of time, and it is not very often done.

Whenever this occurs, don’t panic. Just give us a few minutes and
come on back.