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-Corrective action-

With the ‘Three Strikes you’re out’ rule, the Following applies.
1. Warn —If you are warned three times total you are jailed.
2. Freeze — This happens after a player has been jailed, and they continue to cause
3. Deny — Final Strike, this character is denied from the game. (NOTE – PFILE STILL
EXISTS to prevent someone from assuming the name)

In the event of a DENY, the Immortal Staff will review that IP the person came from
and will evaluate if a BAN is needed. This usually will move forward if there is
excessive BANS for one ip.

Zero Tolerance Applies to Those breaking the rules, there will be no apologizing for
what you did, if your character did it, the damage has been done, judgement has been
passed. I don’t care if your cousin logged in and did it, or if you where having a
bad day. If your having one of those days come on and don’t talk to anyone, or don’t
log in at all.