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Cure blinding

Syntax: weave
Example: weave 12 ‘cure light’ rand

Cure Light, Cure Serious, Cure Critical, Heal, Repair Flesh and Knit Flesh are
all healing weaves that immediately increase the target’s hit point level.
These six weaves are listed in order of strength, from least (cure light)
to greatest (knit flesh). The best four–Cure Critical, Heal, Repair Flesh
and Knit Flesh–are remort-only weaves, requiring between 6 and 30 remorts to

Mass Heal is a little different: it heals _all_ members of a group (except
the channeler who weaves it), so is very powerful in a different way. It is
also a remort weave.

Refresh is also unique, in that it allows the channeler to restore another
person’s movement points, allowing them to travel farther without having to
stop for rest. This is another remort weave.

Other weaves cure specific maladies, rather than just healing generic wounds
(i.e., raising hitpoints). These include Cure Blinding, Cure Disease and Cure
Poison. Their specific uses are obvious from their names; in effect, they
remove an unwanted ‘affect’ (disease, blindness or poisoning) from the target.
These are not remort weaves; they can be learned by any channeler.

See also: help weave ‘