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Dawn runners

The Rahien Sorei, or Dawn Runners, is a male warrior society that prides
themselves on being able to deliver messages as well as fight, as
sometimes it is necessary for the Dawn Runners to fight their way through
to deliver their messages between holds.

They spend a good portion of their days training in weaponry and combat,
but also at increasing their endurance. Dawn Runners can be commonly seen
running and pushing themselves to increase their aptitude. At times, the
Rahien Sorei may even allow a bet or two to be placed while they are
training, for the sheer enjoyment.

Not only must a Dawn Runner be able to prove his worth at being able to
carry a message, in good or bad times, but he must also prove his ability
to be able to remember the message that he has been charged with
delivering. Paper is scarce in the Waste, and so they must rely on their
memory to be able to pass a message along.