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Syntax: follow
Syntax: group
Syntax: group disband
Syntax: group
Syntax: group remove
Syntax: group leader

FOLLOW starts you following another character. To stop following anyone else,
just FOLLOW .

Using FOLLOW once will only have you actually follow another character. To actually gain
experience from a group of characters, you should type FOLLOW a second time.

The person who will be followed has an option to NOT let you follow.

GROUP will show the members of your group, as well as some minor stats that may
be helpful.

GROUP disband will remove all members from the group.

GROUP remove will remove the chosen character from the group.

GROUP leader will pass control of the group to the chosen leader.

Group members share experience points from kills and may use the GTELL and
SPLIT commands. If anyone in your group is attacked, you will automatically join the

You may FOLLOW and GROUP only with characters who are within fifty levels of
your own and are not your own altnernate character. You may not group or follow any
one who is logged in from the same host as you.