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Most Domani are tall and willowy, with dark hair and copper-coloured skin.
The men wear their hair shoulder-length, and sport long, thin mustaches
and close-trimmed beards. They wear long leather vests, earrings, and
frequently a choker or bracelet made of precious metals. Domani men are
famed for their tempers.
The women wear dresses with high necks and long skirts, but as these are
made cloth that is barely opaque and cut to cling, the effect is scandalous
rather than modest. The dresses are tied with a narrow belt. The use of
cosmetics and artificial beauty marks is common. Domani women are infamous
the world over for their beauty and seductiveness. They use flirtation to
gain any advantage they can in business and politics, and have made an art
out of flirtation and seduction, even categorizing types of kisses and
touches. The nobility of both sexes wear jewellery marked with the symbols
of their Houses.