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Duahde madhiin

The Duadhe Mahdi’in, or Water Seekers are the society that concerns
themselves with survival. While they are also fierce fighters, they
know that to survive they must be able to seek out means of life.
Be it food, water or shelter.

They are often called upon to seek out life sustaining supplies of water,
as the holds are always seeking out new water supplies. The finding of
any water supply can lead to long and drawn out wars, as each Hold seeks
to claim their rights to it. The Water Seekers also partake in the
cultivating of some flora and fauna found in the Three-Fold Land, whether
to increase their own supplies or to provide the Wise One’s with herbs
that are used for medicinal purposes.

The Duadhe Mahdi’in train in all styles of combat, armed and un-armed.
They have a quiet and calm air about them, and oft times, they are
misunderstood as their senses of duty lie more towards the art of survival
as opposed to the taxing measures of battle.

The Sovin Nai translates into Knife Hands. This is a warrior society that
excells in exactly what their name means, un-armed combat. While all warrior
societies train in hand to hand fighting, the Sovin Nai are the experts.
Their hands, literally are their weapons, though they can be seen outfitted
with spears and knives, as no warrior would be without his or her belt knife
at the least.