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NOTE: The envenom skill has been disabled. Players should not attempt
to gain the skill, as they will only be wasting trains or QPs. Should we
decide to put envenom back into the game, we will announce it and correct
this helpfile.

–What follows is the old envenom helpfile–
Envenom is a cowardly skill practiced only by thieves, designed to win a fight
through alchemy and treachery rather than skill or strength. Or, put another
way, it is a skill used by the smart to kill the foolish. Food, drink and
weapons can be envenomed, with varying effects. Poisoned food and drink put a
mild poison ‘affect’ onto the consumer, unlikely to be more than a minor
inconvience (after all, the typical adventurer could drink sewer water with
only a trace of the runs; we are pretty hardy folk!). A poisoned weapon, on
the other hand, can inflict serious damage on an opponent as the poison burns
through his bloodstream. But be careful, blade venom weakens quickly as it is
rubbed off and neutralized by repeated blows in combat.