Info > Exits


Syntax: exits

Tells you the visible exits of the room you are in. Not all exits are visible.
You can use the ‘bump’ technique to find hidden exits. (Try to walk in a
certain direction and see what you bump into).
Doors within a room are surrounded by parenthesis (). You must open a door
before you can walk through it. For example, if you are in a room that has
exits north, east, and west, the room description may look like so:

[north east (west)]

According to the description, the west door is closed. You will need to open
west before you can exit that direction. Likewise some doors may be locked,
and you will need either the key for that door or the lockpicking skill.

Not all exits are visible, some may only be accessed as portals. These will
not be easily seen and they are best found by reading room descriptions.