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Faire restring

Faires are special events that occur from time to time in cities throughout the
world. Players should _not_ ask Immortals to initiate a faire; doing so could
cause the Immies to hold off even longer! Faires happen when they happen.

When a faire opens, the city hosting it is announced. But WHERE in the city is
up to players to find out. The faire can appear anywhere, but often pops up
near the city’s recall point. Look for a room with a “tent” exit…then go tent
to enter the faire. Once inside, you will find a space of about 10 x 10 rooms,
each with items for sale. The items can be of all types, some of which may have
unusually high stat modifiers (as high as +25)! But if you’re thinking of using
the EVALUATE quest skill to scope out the goods, sorry–faires are the only
places where EVALUATE does not work. You just have to take your chances and buy
items that look interesting. Faires are also the only shops in the world where
you can buy angreal. Note that any room that doesn’t react to the LIST command
has already sold all of its goods.

Beyond all these goodies, certain rooms in the faire host craftsmen & women who
can do special things for players. These craftspeople are not NPCs, so you have
to read the room descriptions to find them. Here are the key phrases to seek:

Balancing – “a tinker has also set up shop here for weapon balancing”
Repairs – “a tinker has also set up shop here for item repairs”
Upgrades – “a tinker has also set up shop here for item upgrades”
Restrings – “a wizened woman … changing items into other items”

BALANCE works on weapons. With this command, you can reduce a weapon’s weight
to 2 or 3 stones. It is rumored that a better-balanced weapon is harder for an
opponent to disarm. Balancing can also make some two-handed weapons able to be
wielded one-handed. Balancing costs 100 gold for each 2-stone weight reduction.

Syntax: faire balance

REPAIR works on most items, improving a worn item’s condition. Each repair
costs 10 gold. Note that each condition level (‘fair’, ‘good’, ‘excellent’,
etc.) covers several points, so it can take several repair sessions to get
from one level to the next.

Syntax: faire repair

UPGRADE works on weapons, armor, and angreal. Weapons can be upgraded to the
‘extremely strong’ rating. Armor can be upgraded to armor classes of 100 (if
the pierce, bash, slash, and magic ACs are not all the same, only the highest
will get to 100; one upgrade brings all four ACs up by one). Angreal can be
upgraded to a maximum of 20-fold. One upgrade session costs 100 gold for
weapons and armor, but 1,000 gold for angreal. You can combine sessions and
upgrade an item by more than one point at a time using the number
(see syntax, below). Note that weapons are upgraded one point at a time, not
one level…there are a number of points to each level. In other words, it may
take a few sessions to get from ‘good’ to ‘very good’ damage.

Syntax: faire upgrade

RESTRING works on most items and is a unique service at the faire, in that it
does not cost gold. Instead, a player must use one or more ‘restring tokens.’
You can buy tokens at any bank using quest points. Depending on how extensively
you are changing the description of an item, you may need up to three tokens for
each: one to change the item’s name, one for a new short description, and one
for a new long description. All restrings must abide by PotP’s rules about good
language and must be in theme. All restrings are logged–yep, every one–and
checked by Immies. If you violate a mud rule in your restrings, you will likely
lose your item…so please don’t! Note: NAME is how you manipulate an item
(get , hold , etc.); SHORT is the description in your inventory or
equipment list; and LONG is the description when the item is on the ground. You
can use color codes in short or long description, but should _not_ use colors or
caps in names.

Syntax: faire restring long
faire restring short
faire restring name

There is also a lender at the faire for players who need to draw funds from the
bank…look for the room with “a temporary reserve set up”. This lender does
not sell restring tokens, only provides gold.

A faire normally stays in town until the mud is ‘restarted’ (via copyover,
shutdown or crash). When this happens and the faire ends, just bide your time
until the next faire is announced…we all wait with baited breath for faires!