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PotP is a roleplaying mud, and so in character/role playing activity is
encouraged at any time, just about anywhere. Having said that, many of our
players like the out of character, or gameplay, elements of PotP as well.
There is no requirement to be either in character or out of character at any
given time or place, with a couple of exceptions. First, some common terms:

roleplay / RP / in character / IC – These terms are fairly synonymous, and all
refer to putting yourself (your character) into the world of Robert Jordan’s
“Wheel of Time” series as applied here in PotP. There is only one place in
PotP where roleplay is not allowed: the OOC lounge, ‘down’ from recall. The
OOC channel is also devoted to out of character (non-roleplay) discussions,
though our players do from time to time goof off on OOC in an in-character way
(and that’s okay!).

gameplay / OOC – These terms are not truly synonymous, but can be used that
way. Game play refers to the use of the game’s mechanics to improve your
character’s coded abilities (higher levels, more remorts, better skills and
weaves, etc.). Out of character refers to conversation and activity that
does not reflect your character in the world of PotP, but rather you yourself,
the player behind the character. There are no places in PotP where OOC
activity is forbidden, though it is considered bad RP (and rude) to insert OOC
viewpoints and activities into an ongoing RP event.

Note that the OOC channel is moderated; please keep politics (national or
international), sex, drugs, foul language, religion, and other sensitive or
controversial topics off the OOC channel. If you want to engage in any such
discussion, create your own private chat channel and invite others of like
mind to join you, or go find a seculded room in the mud with no one outside
your group present. It is forbidden to engage in risque or heated OOC
discussion in any common (frequently-visited) room of the mud, or any room
in which other characters who don’t wish to be involved are located. Also
note that you can toggle the OOC channel on and off.

See also: help rules
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