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A Guild is a collection of players, united to follow and further a common
cause. Each Guild Leader (GL) sets the guild’s rules on membership. You
should speak to the GL or a guild recruiter about joining.

To join a guild, seek out the GL and recruiters, or post a note to the
guild on board 10. Before you do, though, research to narrow down which
guild(s) are a best fit for you! The table below may help with that.

Please choose your guild carefully, as you cannot choose another until you
remort–you can only go as LONER if you leave your guild and will have to
remort BEFORE you will be able to join a new guild. Also, be aware that
some guilds are ‘life guilds’–whether because of unique racial ties or for
other reasons. In those guilds, the only way out is death.

Some guilds have unique equipment. Guild equipment is to be worn only by
members of that guild. Please do not inquire about other guilds’ gear, do
not attempt to buy it, or steal it. It won’t do you any good. Do not sell
or auction your own guild’s equipment.

Guild Name/Nicknames (& Abbreviation) Banner Genders Races Channies?
Aiel/People of the Dragon (PoD) 7 Both Aiel Female
Asha’man/Black Tower (BT) 17 Both** All Male
Atha’an Miere/Seafolk (SF) 15 Both Seafolk Female
Band of the Red Hand/Band (BRH) 5 Both All No
Blight Guard (BG) 9 Both Border* No
Children of the Light/Whitecloaks (CotL) 10 Both** All No
Gleemen (GM) 13 Both All No
Covenant/Tinkers/Way of the Leaf (WotL) 18 Both Tuatha’an No
Illian Companions (IC) 14 Both Illianer* No
Kindred/Kin (Kin) 8 Female All Female
Legion of the Dragon/Legion (LoD) 1 Both All No
Ogier/Wansho (OG) 11 Both Ogier No
Queen’s Guard of Andor (QG) 3 Both Andoran* No
Seanchan/Ever Victorious Army (EVA) 4 Both Seanchan Female
Shadow Armies/Darkfriends (SA) 6 Both All Any
Thief Takers/Thief Catchers (TT) 16 Both All No
White Tower/Aes Sedai (WT) 2 Female All Female
White Tower Military (WT or WTM) 12 Both** All No

* Native Race/Nationality is prefered, but all are welcome
** Heavily Male, though Females are welcome

For more info on a specific guild, use any the following commands:
banner <#> (the numbers are provided in the table above)
help (put ‘ ‘ quotes around multiword guild names)
system (look for GLs/recruiters of the guild to talk with)