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Hunters instinct

Syntax: weave
Example: weave 75 ‘hunters instinct’ rand

Ten weaves make up the ‘stat weave’ group, so named because they are used to
raise a person’s stats (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Reflex & Instinct)
by as much as 100 points. For each of these five stats, there are two
corresponding weaves: a ‘lesser stat weave’ that can increase the stat by up
to 25 points, and a ‘greater stat weave’ that can increase the stat by as
much as 75 points. The amount of increase gained corresponds exactly to the
strength of the weave (e.g., a weave strength of 24 will increase the
person’s stat by 24 points). For this reason, the lesser stat weaves are
normally weaved at 25 strength, and the greater at 75 strength. There is no
significant benefit to weaving higher than the stat’s max benefit of 25 or 75.
All ten of these weaves are remort-only. The lesser stat weaves require from
3 to 7 remorts, while the greater weaves demand between 28 and 36 remorts.
These ten weaves form the hard core of any good weave-up, especially for
players who have the gifted quest skill.

Lesser Stat Weave Greater Stat Weave
—————– ——————
Strength Bigger Large
Dexterity Quicken Speed
Constitution Fortitude Endurance
Instinct Sixth Sense Hunters Instinct
Reflex Innervation Panther Reflex

The other three stats (Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma) can not be raised
through weaves, but only through equipment worn, training, and remorting.

See also: help weave ‘