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These remort-only skills allow the user to initiate combat against up to three
mobs/NPCs simultaneously. Useful for people who want to get into big, complex
fights. All three skills require that the user have two weapons wielded.

Whirlwind is the least of these three skills. It can not be used in concert
with the FOCUS quest skill. Whirlwind is the only of these skills that can
be learned by a channeler.

Tornado is very similar to whirlwind, but causes slightly less lag after use,
and can be used in concert with focus to increase the number of attacks per
melee round after combat is initiated (up to four attacks/round with two
weapons wielded).

Hurricane is very similar to tornado, with even less lag and up to six attacks
per melee round if used in concert with focus. Users of either HURRICANE or
TORNADO will notice that they get less than the maximum number of attacks per
round if they remove one of their two weapons during combat, but that their
damage per attack with the remaining weapon goes up somewhat.

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