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Fishing and shipping are common occupations along Illianers. Illianer men
often sport beards that leave their upper lips bear. They wear long coats
with raised collars. Noblemen also wear gold or silver fringed boots. Women
wear wide-brimmed hats tied under the chin with colourful scarves. Wealthy
women wear dresses with low-cut necklines and ankle-length hems to show off
their gold or silver embroidered slippers. Illian is famed as the sponsor of
the Hunt for the Horn of Valere. The most recent historical Hunt was last
called four hundred years ago, and is still a popular subject of song and
story. Aes Sedai are feared and despised by most in Illian, and few will
handle Tar Valon coins, though there is no law against trading with Aes
Sedai. Some women Illianers think that Aes Sedai aren’t so bad as is commonly
believed, and there are rumours that the King has an Aes Sedai advisor.