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The Immortals are the game coordinators. They are responsible for making
sure the game operates normally, and are primarily responsible for the
addition of unique features to the game. Immortals tend to fall into a
couple of different catagories.
-Coders are the people who meddle with the language that the game is written in.
They write the program and make the changes to the game. Also are responable
for hunting out bugs, and fixing them.
-Implementors are the highest ranking Immortal in the game. They are reasonable
for game administration, game monitoring, assigning immortal duties, planning
the implementation of code, quests, and building. They are the final decision
makers in any mud related issue.
-Builders are the folks that create the zones, the rooms, the mobiles, and items that
are found in the game. Builders are responsible for the creation of areas and zones
within the MUD.
Type Help Builder for more information
-Moderators are players that have been trusted by the Immortals to help
keep the game running smoothly and cleanly. They have the capability to
penalize players with several methods.
-While Immortals tend to not directly interfere with the actions of mortals,
it is assumed that when an Immortal instructs a mortal player that what
they are doing violates the game rules, the mortal player will cease the
activity that pre-empted the conference with an Immortal. Failure to comply
will incur corrective action.
-Immortals are not players. They do not gain experience or levels unless
promoted by a higher ranking Immortal. It is considered rude to imply
or suggest that an Immortal do something by a mortal. Immortals have a
greater duty to meet than those typically faced by a mortal.