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Saidin is the male half of the True Source. Men can channel Saidin into weaves
that can have many differing effects, based on the five spheres: Fire, Water,
Aire, Earth and Spirit. Saidin is tainted by the foulness of the Dark One in
response to being resealed into the Bore. Channeling through this Dark Touch
can lead to insanity, illness and eventually a slow death of body.

The prototypes for insanity are already in.

In order for you to go insane, you will have to be a MALE CHANNELER. There is some
misconception that being a Dreadlord will protect against Insanity, but as far as
the books go, the Dark One’s protection only extended to the Forsaken.

Similar to how burnout works, insanity will be decided by how much of the One Power
you weave. The more you channel, the more likely you are to go insane.

Factors effecting Insanity are op_will, and op_focus. Insanity is an integer value,
a number if you will. Once you have reached a specific value, checks will begun to
be made against those op_ value to see if you go insane or not.