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There are eight primary statistics, or stats, for each character, plus three
other measures of the person’s stamina. The eight primary stats are:

Strength – Strength enhances your ability to both hit and damage a foe. It
(STR) also enhances your ability to carry more gear and reduces the
effect of that load on your movement. Some skills require
Dexterity – Dexterity is a measure of your flexibility, agility, hand-eye
(DEX) coordination, etc. Missle weapon use is affected by dexterity,
as are certain skills.
Constitution – Constitution measures your overall health. More constitution
(CON) provides a faster heal rate and a greater resistance to certain
flows of the One Power. Some skills require constitution.
Reflex: – Reflex is a measure of how fast your limbs react to your brain’s
(REF) instructions. It affects things like how fast you aim your bow
or draw your sword. When coupled with dexterity, it affects many
skills, including lockpicking, dodging, parrying, and defending
against backstabs.
Intelligence – Intelligence primarily affects channelers, though it does increase
(INT) the chance of certain skills succeeding, and determines (along
with Wisdom) how quickly you learn skills and weaves through use.
For channelers, Intelligence determines your focus and, through
it, the overall strength of any weave of the One Power.
Wisdom – Wisdom is a primary skill, and should be practiced before most
(WIS) others. Wisdom provides more training per train point spent, and
with Intelligence determines how quickly you learn skills and
weaves through use. Wisdom also measure a channeler’s willpower,
and so affects the ability to maintain and resist weaves.
Instinct – That gut feeling you get? Instinct. Might also be called luck.
(INS) Affects saving throws and random events. Instinct also affects
your base ability to learn new skills or weaves, along with
intelligence and wisdom.
Charisma – Might be called persuasion, or even attractiveness. Has a large
(CHA) impact on skills like haggling and teaching. Will help when
buying and selling things, and with some mind-affecting weaves.

The other three stat-like measures of a person’s stamina are hit points, mana
points, and move points. Move points are covered separately (see ‘help move’).

Hit Points – HP are a measure of physical health, incorporating both injury
(HP) and illness. When you have 0 HP, you die. The more HP you have,
the healthier you are and the more injury/illness you can
Mana – Mana is the amount of One Power you are capable of using. Each
weave has a certain amount of One Power that is necessary to even
start the weave. When your mana nears zero, you will find it more
difficult, or even impossible, to use the One Power.

See also: help move