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Through all the time that the White Tower has existed, it has maintained
its standards thoroughly. Women that failed to measure up to becoming a Sedai,
either by failing their accepted or sister tests, being weak of character,
or even too weak in the One Power, were put out.

A group of these women, fearful of returning home during the wars, fled as
far as possible from the fighting, journeying to the now called Ebou Dar.
They called themselves the Kin, or Kinswomen, keeping in hiding and
offering place of safety to others that were put out of the Tower. In time,
they began to approach runaways of the White Tower, while keeping them from
knowing of their identities until it was certain that Aes Sedai would not
find them.

Nowadays the Kin work as Wise Women, or as merchants in Ebou Dar, the Wise
Women’s healing fabled as much as that of the Yellow Ajah of the Tower.