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Maidens of the spear

The Far Dareis Mai, or Maidens of the Spear, are the only warrior society
that allows women to join. The Maidens are well known for their scouting
abilites. They are also chosen as guards for the Wise Ones, and for various
other honorable tasks.

The Maidens, like other warrior societies, have a complex system of
signals and hand gestures, known as hand talk. Of the warriors, the Maidens
are the only group to have fully developed and perfected this manner of
communication. They are trained experts in armed and un-armed fighting, their
style of hand to hand combat differing slightly from the males.

Maidens take vows when they first join the Spear, in essence, they become
married to their spears as they will not take any man for a husband. They do,
however, see fit to take a lover here and there.

Above all, The Far Dareis Mai are strict enforcers of ji’e’toh and are
very touchy about upholding their honor to those around them.