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As there had been times in the Wheel of Time world, there are times in the
mud world where a young man’s fancies turn towards the romantic side, and he
finds a lady fair to be the object of his enduring affections. Or visa versa.

Often time, the more role played “affairs” have weddings, where the whole
MUD witnesses their devotion to each other. Marriages are currently role
played affairs. There are wedding rings available from Immortals, and we
do encourage ceremony. Usually, the Immortals even participate in a party or
reception after the wedding.

We do request that these “affairs” be roleplayed– the likelihood that a
Trolloc and a Spearmaiden being in love is just plain ridiculous and will
not be accepted for marriage.

Some Guilds might have more restrictions about marriage, if you have
questions please talk to your Guild Leader or a staff member.