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Moderators are players that have been trusted by the Immortals to help
keep the game running smoothly and cleanly. They have the capability to
penalize players with several methods. Moderators are still players
though, and usually perfer to play and level just like everybody else.

Usual penalities are Silencing(prohibits using public channels),
Freezing(prohibits movement), No Emoting, No Telling, No Shout, and
Walkins Block(prohibits the change of the walkin/outs and sets the
current one to NULL). These commands are given to Moderators to help
maintain the high standards we hope to keep within the mud realm and
to prevent any offensive behaviour. Moderators judgement will be handled
as if it came from the Implementor staff.

Do not ask to be a Moderator. We’ll ask you. There is no exception to
this rule.

Pacis is the Head Moderator. All questions and concerns should
go to her.