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Night spears

The Cor Darei, or Night Spears, are renowned for thier ability to fight at
night or in dark places. They train during the day and at night, honing
their abilites to razor sharpness. Their bodies are covered in a darker
shade of cadin’sor, greys and dark browns, helping to blend them in to
the dark surroundings.

The Night Spears train with weapons and in un-armed combat styles. Their
faces a grim mask of the duties they set out to complete. They are not without
their senses of humor, Night Spears just feel at times that only their
spear-brothers understand them and choose to spend thier time with each other.

Cor Darei are also very picky about ji’e’toh and will go to great lengths
to defend their honor or the honor of those around them.