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. The Ogier are a humanoid race. Males average about ten foot tall,
females are somewhat shorter. Ogier have keen eyesight and deep voices,
with a sturdy and muscular build. They have slightly pointed, tufted ears,
wide noses and long, dangling eyebrows. The facial features of the females
are more delicate. Ogier have a long lifespan. Ogier are barely considered
mature at 90-100 years old. Ogier consider humans quite “hasty”. The Ogier
live only in certain places, called stedding. Ogier men wear plain shirts
and baggy trousers, with overcoats that flare from the waist to the knees,
and knee-length leather boots. The women wear long, modest dresses and
cloaks, the amount of embroidered flower decoration increasing in direct
ratio to the age and station of the wearer. Ogier will wear necklaces and
bracelets, but will never wear earrings. Women wear their hair long and
loose. Men wear shorter hair, but cut it to partially cover their ears.
Players that select the Ogier Race, are to be reminded that once the
character has chosen the Ogier race. That it will remain that way for the
life of the character. (You can not Remort into another Race)