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One power

Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Spirit are the five spheres of the One Power, or OP.
A newly-created channeler will have an average strength of 4 to 6 in each of the
five spheres, though the person’s gender and background may cause one or more to
be significantly higher or lower.

Weaves are made up of different flows where elements of one ore more spheres are
combined. In PotP, this is replicated by adding the total OP strength of all
five spheres, then dividing by five, to find an ‘average OP strength’. This
average determines how strongly the channeler may use the OP on any weave.

For much more on how to channel in PotP, see the Channeler’s Guide on our Forums
(website), at (click on “Mud Help”, then
“Channeling Guide”).