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Weaves are things of the One Power, used by channelers. To gain weaves, a
member of your same sex must teach them to you, or you must learn them
from a tome or scroll with the Study skill. Channelers who are not a
member of a Guild are considered wilders and must learn weaves on their
own, which will prove difficult at best. This is to keep with the aspect
of roleplay within the mud.

Syntax: Weave #strength ‘weave name’ target
Example: weave 10 ‘fire shield’ YourName
Be sure to include ‘ ‘ around weaves with 2 or more parts to the name.

The average safe strength to overpower a weave with is one over your One
Power average score. The average score is listed in the score command,
to save people who cannot do math.

For each point over the safe power, the chance to burnout increases at a
nearly exponential rate. Once burned out, the only ways back are to remort,
or to have a very powerful channeler weave Spinning the Wheel on you. The
channeler is there after a non-channeler. No Immortal will help you with.

Men who channel run the risk of going insane by overpowering their
Though this is not quite by the book, it offers people who wish to channel,
but avoid insanity, a chance to safely do so, while those who wish may take
the chance and get some more oomph out of their weaves.

Overpowering the weave is only one way to increase the average scores. The
other way is through questing. Sphere points can be purchased at a cost of
very many quest points. This is the safest way.

Type WEAVES for a list of the weaves available.