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People of the dragon

The Aiel live east of the Spine of the World, in an arid desert they
call the Three-Fold Land. The Aiel are contemptuous of the soft people to
their west, whom they call “Wetlanders”.They are divided into twelve clans,with an undetermined amount of septs
within the clans. Each clan is lead by a Clan Chief. Almost all Aiel are very tall, slender and fit, with pale skin
tanned dark by the fierce sun of the Waste.Their eyes are light-colored, being usually, grey, green or blue,
and hair color ranges from white-blonde to auburn red. Aiel culture, customs and family relations are very complex.
Most of their customs revolve around the concept of Ji’e’toh – obligationand honor – a concept they take extremely
seriously. The Aiel have a strong warrior tradition, each warrior is a member of one of twelve warrior societies.
(type help societies for more information) Not all Aiel are warriors, however. There are highly respected
jewelers, blacksmiths, fletchers and weavers as well as Wise Ones , Roofmistresses within the Aiel society.

Players that select the Aiel Race are to be reminded that once the character has chosen the Aiel race, it
will remain that way for the life of the character.(You can not Remort into another Race).

PoD, or People of the Dragon, is a secret name for the Aiel.