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Player kill

Player killing is permitted here, as long as it is either within the
realm of role play killing or is a duel fought in an arena setting.
There is also a Player kill flag(pk), which can allow a person to
choose whether they want to be involved in role played/random player
killing or not. Characters under level 10 cannot be player killed by
a higher level character. If you are intending to role play killing
another player, give enough verbal warning so that they understand
why they are being attacked.

There are no rules in a duel except for those that the persons in the
duel create: Popular rules are: No backstabbing, No fleeing, No healing

No Implementor, Guild Leader, Mentor, or Moderator should challenge or
accept challenges from a mortal. The reason for this is they receive
bonuses which pretty well make them able to kill a character in a few

PK’ing an AFK person is cowardly and punishable.