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Syntax: prompt
Syntax: prompt all
Syntax: prompt <%*>
Syntax: prompt show

PROMPT with out an argument will turn your prompt on or off.

PROMPT ALL will give you the standard “” prompt.

PROMPT <%*> where the %* are the various variables you may set yourself.

PRMOPT SHOW Will give an output of the variables of your particular propmt.

%h : Current hit points %k : Hide status
%H : Maximum hit points %G : Bank gold
%m : Current mana %S : Bank silver
%M : Maximum mana %K : Sneak status
%v : Current moves %O : OLC vnum (IMM)
%V : Maximum moves %o : OLC Status (IMM)
%x : Current experience %A : Bond information
%X : Experience to level %Q : Quest Time Info
%g : Gold carried %C : Concentration
%s : Silver carried %b : Enemy Graphical Status
%B : Battle status %T : Group Leader Status (Tank)
%a : Display alignment %w Wizinvis (IMM)
%r : Display room name %W Grasped
%e : Display exits %P Skill Percentage (Set skill with ‘prompt proficiency [skill]’ )
%c : Carriage return %k Hide Status
%R : Current vnum (IMM) %K Sneak Status
%z : Current area name (IMM) %p Held Silver Pennies Copper Pennies
%C Concentration %l Levels to Remort
%e Exits %r Room Name
%E New Room %S Bank Silver Marks
%g Held Gold %V Max Moves
%G Bank Gold

Example: PROMPT <%hhp %mm %vmv>
Will set your prompt to “<10hp 100m 100mv>”