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Queens guard

Those men and women who wish to wear the scarlet
and white uniforms of Andor, can join this elite
military unit. Ranks can be gained by a remort or
RP system. Those who prove mastery with the blade
can earn it through training and dedication.
Guards who show great potential are invited to
join the elite division of the Queen’s Fury where
they can serve as intelligence officers. Serve
your country and people with pride and honor.

Andorans of noble blood who wish to take part in
Daes Dae’mar, the Game of Houses, can become a Lord
or Lady. Earn power & wealth through manipulations
or treachery. Choose to support Elayne Trakand or
attempt to take the throne for your own House.
Those who prove most cunning can become High Seats.

Speak to the GL or a recruiter for more info.