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Quest convert

Certain characters in the game will allow you to go on quests to recover an
item or kill another mob. To go on a quest, you must be in the same room with
a questmaster. When you successfully complete a quest, you will receive a
certain number of quest points. These points may be saved up and used to buy
incredible rewards from the questmaster.

The QUEST command is used for information about your current quest, to request
a quest from a questmaster, etc. Commands are as follows:

QUEST POINTS – Gives your current number of quest points. This command may be
used anywhere.

QUEST INFO – If you are on a quest, this will remind you who or what you are

QUEST TIME – Gives the amount of time remaining on your current quest, or the
amount of time until you can request another quest. This command may be used

QUEST REQUEST – Petitions the questmaster to send you on a quest. If you
accept the quest, you will be given a realtime limit (in minutes) in which you
must complete the quest. If you are on a quest to kill a creature, when you
come across that creature you will see a [TARGET] notice before it. This is
the creature you are to kill.

QUEST COMPLETE – Once you have completed your quest and recovered the item or
killed the mob or whatever, you must return to the questmaster who sent you on
the quest and use this command. If you have successfully completed your quest,
he will reward you with gold and quest points. Once you complete a quest you
cannot request another for 10 minutes.

QUEST LIST – Displays the list of fabulous items for sale by the questmaster.
These items are not buyable via gold, they must be purchased with quest points.

QUEST BUY – Purchases an item from the questmaster and deducts the cost
of the item from your quest points.

QUEST SKILL – Gain the from the questmaster and starts it at

QUEST INCREASE – Increases by 1% at the cost of 50 quest points.

QUEST CONVERT – This command will convert any quest tokens you may be carrying
into quest points that you can buy items with.

QUEST BOND – Allows you to change the colors and tags of your Bonded’s name in
your title.

QUEST SPOUSE – The same as Quest Bond but for married folks.

QUEST QUIT – This command will terminate the current quest and reset the quest
timer to 10 minutes. It should be used when a quest cannot be completed.