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Aiel – Hardy people (some would say savages) from the Three-fold Land,
otherwise known as the Aiel Waste.
Altaran – Altara is a southwestern nation known for both its decorum and duels.
Amadician – Midland people of Amadicia, home of the Children of the Light.
Andoran – People from the land of Andor, including the Royal city of Caemlyn.
Arafellin – A Borderland people who thrive on the plains and love their horses
like family.
Cairhien – Any of the people coming from the nation of Cairhien.
Domani – People of Arad Doman, typically Bandar Eban and the outlying areas.
Falman – The people of Toman Head and its primary city, Falme.
Ghealdan – A small country south of Baerlon and home to several popular trading
Illianer – People hailing from the city of Illian and surrounding lands on the
southern Plains of Maredo.
Kandori – Another Borderland race, but Kandori are famed almost as much as the
Domani for their trade skills.
Maddinger – Those who hail from the city-state of Far Madding.
Mayene – People from a tiny city-state off the southeastern coast of Tear.
Murandy – A southern country, with Lugard as its main city.
Ogier – Any of the giant, peace-loving people who live isolated lives in the
many stedding scattered throughout the land.
Saldaean – A fierce group of Borderlanders of the Northwest.
Sea Folk – Properly known as the Athan’Miere, these people spend large parts of
their lives on the seas, though their homeland is the Tremalking
Island chain.
Seanchan – Odd, warlike folk from the far-away land of Seander.
Shienaran – One of the Borderland nations, including the Royal seat, Fal Dara.
Tairen – People of the lands beloging to the kingdom of Tear.
Tarabon – A nation/race in the southwest who are known for keeping their faces
Tar Valon – The people who reside on the island city-state where the White Tower
is found.
Tuatha’an – A roving, gypsy-like people, also known as the Tinkers, who follow
‘The Way of the Leaf’, a pacifist philosophy.
Two Rivers- A rural people in Andor who have been forgotten for so long by the
royal rulers in Caemlyn that these self-sufficient folk generally
do not even know that they belong to the kingdom.