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Levels come fast, remorts less so! You level through life until you reach 250.
THen you face a choice: continue to climb to higher levels (called ‘going big’),
or remort (at any time after 250). This is a personal choice.

Remorting is a way of gaining greater abilities, and is in fact the only way to
gain many of them: higher average (natural) stats, higher average (natural) One
Power spheres for channelers, new skills and weaves that require one or more
remorts (some require 120 or more!), the ability to use “remort-only” equipment,
and possibly even promotions and other guild opportunities (see your Guild Leader
for more info on the latter). Also, each time a player remorts, s/he has a small
chance of gaining a talent, and this chance (though initially miniscule) goes up
slightly with each remort! Note that races used to be tied to remorts as well;
this is no longer the case in PotP–you can now pick whichever race fits your
character and roleplay at birth (the sole exception to this is Malkier race).
One other benefit of remorting for channelers: if you burned out during your
previous life, you can regain the ability to channel when you are reborn!

There is one small cost that comes with remorting. After each rebirth, you will
need 10 experience points per level more than you did before to reach the next
level. For instance, a zero-remort player needs 1,000 experience to get from one
level to the next, while a 1-remort player needs 1,010, a 2-remort 1,020, etc.

Each player’s number of remorts shows when you type “who long”. On the left side
of the screen is a single letter surrounded by brackets. The letter inside the
brackets is the remort indicator. Players with ten or fewer remorts show up as
a “brown Y” [Y]. The letter and color for all others can tell you the
precise number of remorts each player has. To understand how to read them, think
of each remort as a ‘circle’ and each ten remorts as a ‘tier’. Going through ten
circles gets you to a new tier. The color of the remort indicator shows what
circle the player is within his/her tier, while the letter itself tells the tier:

Circles: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

“Y”, Young Tiers 0 and 1 (all Tier 0 are brown)
“A”, Adventurer Tier 2
“J”, Journeyman/Journeywoman Tier 3
“N”, Neophyte Tier 4
“B”, Brave Tier 5
“K”, Known Tier 6
“D”, Diligent Tier 7
“Z”, Zealous Tier 8
“V”, Veteran Tier 9
“E”, Enduring Tier 10
“F”, Fierce Tier 11
“P”, Prodigy Tier 12
“R”, Revered Tier 13
“M”, Master/Mistress Tier 14
“Q”, Queller Tier 15
“G”, Grandmaster/Grandmistress Tier 16
“C”, Champion Tier 17
“H”, Hero/Heroine Tier 18
“W”, Wizened Tier 19
“X”, eXalted Tier 20
“L”, Legend Tier 21
“S”, Supreme Tier 22
“O”, Overlord Tier 23
“U”, Ultimate Tier 24
“T”, Taveren Tier 25 and beyond (260 and higher are white)
“I”, Immortal Not tied to leveling; only for Immortals

NOTE: “RBI”, “rebirths”, and “remorts” are all synonymous.

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